what we do

Digital Transformation requires decisions that need to be addressed multidisciplinary. Our commitment is to provide extensive advice to our clients in each field of this process for the optimal fulfillment of their objectives.

I.Institutional Strengthening and Transformation

We accompany our clients in their strategic planning to address the transformation of their organization and business, to prepare their human capital and to optimize their offer of products and services in the market. We discover brand purposes and develop new products, services and experiences for the strengthening of our client´s Corporate Identity.

- Management of Organizational Change
- Human Capital Training
- Comprehensive Legal Advice on Intellectual Property,
  Protection of Personal Data    and -Information Security (InfoSec)
- Strategic Brand Research and Diagnosis
- Brand Identity
- Strategic Marketing Planning
- Strategic Communication
- Strategic Media Management

II.Projects, Funds and Investments

We support our clients in the development of their projects and businesses, for the achievement of their optimal growth and detection of opportunities.

- Application to Public and Private Funding
- Project Evaluation
- Preparation and Review of Bidding Terms
- Advice on Foreign Investments and Investments in Chile
- Integral Legal Advice in Commercial and Labor Law

III.Studies, Reports and Strategic Analysis

We provide studies and reports with the highest analytical standards to prepare the strategic definitions of our clients.

- Multisectoral Policies and Governance
- Modernization of the State and Digital Government
- Open Government and Open Data
- Reports on Law and Risk Analysis
- Reports on Legislative Activity, and in Central and Local Government